Rinho Telematics

IoT Devices for Satellite Tracking and Monitoring

Power, Functionality, and Robustness

Discover the power of real-time location tracking with the precision of Rinho Telematics devices.

Our devices, featuring modern GPS, ensure that you will always know where your vehicles and assets are. 

Delve into advanced telemetry, automation, and control capabilities. Whether it's monitoring transport conditions, managing driver access, or analyzing intricate vehicular behaviour during incidents.

Rinho Telematics keeps you guarding


Power and robustness in a compact design


This profitable device revolutionizes vehicle telemetry by fusing advanced technologies in a robust and flexible format.

Enjoy complete and reliable control of your vehicles with the assurance of a resistant and efficient system.


Power and versatility
for superior connectivity


This device revolutionizes vehicle telemetry by integrating advanced technologies into a robust and adaptable system. This device has a wide range of inputs and outputs. It offers exceptional connectivity possibilities.

Experience complete and secure control of your vehicles. This device is supported by the efficiency and resilience of a modern system.

Thanks to our unique WiFi options, experience continuous connectivity even in areas with a limited phone signal. 

Moreover, achieve efficient fuel management and reduce operational costs with our specialized integration features.

Rinho Telematics offers an all-in-one solution
for advanced vehicle management

This device ensures control and optimization of your vehicle resources, from real-time location tracking with high-precision GPS to telemetry and automation functions. 

Our device adapts to your needs. It provides seamless connectivity and detailed insights to improve operational efficiency: monitoring of sensitive load temperatures, managing the driver access, analyzing accidents and optimizing fuel consumption.

Discover the full potential of your fleet by exploring the detailed features of this innovative device.

Rinho Telematics offers you the perfect combination of world-class technology and user-centric design, ensuring optimal performance and an unparalleled user experience.

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